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I am a born-again Christian, who through much study and prayer, has been sent on a search for what is true about God and Christianity. Though raised in non-denominationalism, I found that with so many denominations today that do not agree with each other, I began to question what exactly makes me a Christian. I actually got to such a low point in my faith that I wondered if I had any left at all and I nearly walked away from Christianity altogether. That was an idea that terrified me and forced me to take a deeper look into what is true. If I was going to continue believing in a loving, all-powerful God, who desires unity within the body of Christ, then there had to be ONE truth. I was no longer comfortable with the cafeteria-style churches so prevalent today. I looked into other denominations like Lutheranism. Admittedly, they seemed comfortable and when I read about them, it felt like maybe that was where God would lead me. That lasted about one week when I realized that I was comfortable because it was so similar to what I have always known... But even within Lutheranism, there are major differences: one conservative synod and one liberal synod. Again, how would I know what was TRUE?

In short, the Lord led me surprisingly in the Catholic direction. This, of course, was completely against my will. I was trying to pray people OUT of the Catholic Church, not find truth in it! I was very reluctant but I decided that if I was going to be fair, I had to look at Catholicism from a fair point of view. I stepped out of my non-denominational box and set aside everything that I had already thought about the Catholic Church and sought answers to their dogmas and doctrines from Catholics themselves. Based on everything I learned, I made a firm decision to enter the Catholic Church.

This is the story of my journey... I want to share it with you.

My hope is that this site will grow into a great resource for anyone seeking the truth about the Catholic Church and an encouragement to anyone else who may be on a journey similar to mine.

Wherever you may end up on your journey of faith, may the Lord be with you always and guide you into the fullness of His love for you!

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